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Human Resource Management and Building Employee Loyalty Case Study

Human Resource Management and Building Employee Loyalty - Case Study Example Human resource management of Xeleco is a matter of recognizing people as perhaps the most important asset of Xeleco and to manage these people the best way possible. Xeleco's competitiveness in its market refers to their capability to uphold and expand market share. Competitiveness is related to Xeleco's effectiveness, which is determined by how much Xeleco satisfies the requirements of its stakeholders. The significant stakeholders comprise stockholders, customers as well as employees. Therefore, retention of employees becomes an important factor of Xeleco competitiveness. Xeleco's core employees are those that are essential to the service(s) Xeleco provides. These employees work year round, typically full time, and drive the business. Retention of core employees is vital to the business. To retain employees it is no longer enough to be competitive concerning pay. Employees of today relate their jobs to their private lives far more than they did in the earlier days. In earlier days employees would go to work, do their job, get their pay, and go home to a life often totally separated from work. Today the types of work have changed, and people's conceptions of work have changed in a way that makes retention of employees something much more complex than adding more pay. A dangerous myth existing from earlier days is that people only work for money. And yes, people do work for money, but they work even more for meaning in their lives, for fun, for jobs that will contribute something to their lives, and their family's life. Pay cannot substitute for a working environment high on trust, fun, and meaningful work. Companies that pay no attention to this fact are fundamentally bribing their employees and will pay the cost in lack of loyalty as well as obligation, and difficulty in retaining important employees. Today, employee benefits are a major force in determining employee retention, or employee happiness. One could argue that content employees make content customers, and that content customers make content stockholders. In this view, employee benefits become crucial to Xeleco's success. Incorporating retention strategies into the HR and succession plan plays a major role in the changing and increasingly mobile workforce. This has been linked with the move towards the Protean career where a person's career is frequently changing. Hence organisations must be ready to adapt to this change by benefiting them with career development programs thereby enhancing reputation and achieving greater retention of valued employees. In order to retain employees the organization must When considering succession planning, employee development is an integral strategic process which enables knowledge, skills and behaviour to be acquired to meet job changes and client requirements in the future as opposed to training which is immediate current job

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Exercises and Problems Essay Example for Free

Exercises and Problems Essay Trudy Company incurred the following costs. 1. Sales tax on factory machinery purchased $ 5,000 2. Painting of and lettering on truck immediately upon purchase 700 3. Installation and testing of factory machinery 2,000 4. Real estate broker’s commission on land purchased 3,500 5. Insurance premium paid for first year’s insurance on new truck 880 6. Cost of landscaping on property purchased 7,200 7. Cost of paving parking lot for new building constructed 17,900 8. Cost of clearing, draining, and filling land 13,300 9. Architect’s fees on self-constructed building 10,000 Items of property, plant and equipment should be initially recorded at cost. Costs include all costs in which are necessary to assure the assets are in working condition for their intended use. This includes original purchase prices along with costs of site preparations, delivery, handling, installation, professional fees included for architects and engineers with estimations for dismantling and removing these assets for restoration of original site. Knowing managements intended use comes in very handy and is extremely important when applying this cost principle. Cost principle assets are to be recorded at cost this equals the value which was reciprocated at the time of the attainment. Assets in the United States like land and buildings appreciate in value over a given period of time these items do not get revalued for future financial reporting. Shipping costs form part of the asset costs, however; the cost of accidental insurance or any type of insurance during the later periods are recurring expenses which benefit and is not received for short term, less than a year therefore; it does not get included within the costs of assets. References: Weygandt, J. J., Kimmel, P. D., Kieso, D. E. (2010). Financial accounting (7th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons.

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The Modern Tragic Hero Of Gatsby English Literature Essay

The Modern Tragic Hero Of Gatsby English Literature Essay In the novel The Great Gatsby, Gatsby is a tragic hero because he displays the fundamental characteristics of modern tragic hero. He is a common man, he contains the characteristics of a tragic flaw, and he eventually has a tragic fall. Although at first glance Gatsby might not seem to be the everyday man, in reality he actually is. At one point Gatsbys past is being examined and his parents are described as shiftless and unsuccessful farm people which shows the readers that he came from humble roots and was just like everyone else (Fitzgerald 95). He was not born into wealth and privilege and did not have any special background that gave him an advantage over others. Another instance in which Gatsby is portrayed as the average man is when Nick is discussing Gatsbys past and he says, So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen-year-old boy would be likely to invent(Fitzgerald 95). This shows that the persona that Gatsby has created for himself is that of any average, immature boy. As the novel progresses further you find Nick recounting Gatsbys past and describing him as being a penniless young man which again shows the reader that Gatsby is really just the common man with a big dream (Fitzgerald 141 ). This statement helps take away some of the disguise of wealth and overwhelming power, and brings him into a more human perspective. Gatsbys tragic flaw is that his view of the world is obstructed by his own naive idealism. It is very clear to the reader that Gatsby is idealistic when, while Nick is over at Gatsbys house, he reflects on Daisys and Gatsbys relationship and he notes, There must have been momentsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ when Daisy tumbled short of his dreamsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ because of the colossal vitality of his illusion(Fitzgerald 92). This shows that even Nick, his best friend and the one that sticks up for Gatsby the most, sees that Gatsby perceives Daisy to be ideal and perfect. Gatsby does not see things as they really are and expects them to play out exactly as he thinks they will. An example of this is when Nick is talking to Gatsby after a party and he tells Gatsby that he cant repeat the past, and Gatsby responds, Cant repeat the past?à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦. Why of course you can!' (Fitzgerald 106). This delusion, that he can repeat the past and redo everything, blinds Gatsby to what is going on right in fr ont of him. It seems as though he does not realize how absurd the idea of obtaining Daisy love is. Gatsbys idealism also blinds him to how Daisy really acts and what her personality is like. An example of this can be seen in the imagery of the novel. Throughout the novel white is used as imagery for pure and innocent, while yellow represents corruption. A daisy has white petals and a yellow center. This imagery relates because it shows how Gatsby perceives Daisy. All he sees is a beautiful, loving woman who loves him back and he cannot see past his own idealistic view of the perfect Daisy to the corrupt, shallow, money-loving Daisy. Another example of Gatsbys overwhelming idealism is his own self perception. Gatsby thinks as long as he surrounds himself with riches and the wealthy, that people will accept him and he can erase his former self; Gatsby the poor farm boy. This shows how he is idealistic because no matter what a person does, the former self will always be there. Later in the novel when Nick is reflecting on Gatsbys idea of Daisy he notes, He wanted nothing less of Daisy than that she should go to Tom and say: I never loved you.' (Fitzgerald 105). This idea is not a realistic expectation because Daisy is already married and has a family to take care of; also her religion prevents her from getting a divorce and marrying him. All these are factors block Gatsby from obtaining his ideal dream, but he seems to be blind to them. Although Gatsbys physical fall starts near the end of novel, his spiritual fall arguably begins before you even meet him. In the middle of the novel you hear about Gatsbys past and how he was a poor average man, but he was honest and worked hard. As the novel progresses you hear about his relationship with Daisy and how it ended because he was not wealthy enough. He needed to become wealthy so that Daisy would marry him. To obtain this wealth Gatsby started to participate in dishonest and illegal deeds such as bootlegging. This shows a fall spiritually because he goes against his morals and values. Closer to the end of the novel, after Daisy kills Myrtle in car accident, you learn that Gatsby will take the blame for Myrtles death. Although this is a show of love for Daisy, it is eventually what leads him to his physical downfall. Throughout the novel you are shown images of Gatsby surrounded by all kinds of wealthy and high class people, and it seems as though he has many friends. Ho wever, at Gatsbys funeral at the very end of the novel when Gatsby is shot and killed, there is no one there except for a select few. This image is used very well because it shows how the mighty have fallen. The one person everyone thought had it all, in reality has nothing; no money, no love and no friends. Gatsby is a perfect example of a modern tragic hero because he has an eventual tragic fall, he displays certain characteristic that shows that he has tragic flaw and if you look beyond his wealth, you will see that he was just common man with a big dream.

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Herbert George Wells :: essays papers

Herbert George Wells Herbert George Wells was one of the world's most talented writers. He was able to write in many styles, whether it be science-fiction or nonfiction. Although talented in many areas and genres of the literary world, it is for his contribution to the realm of science-fiction that he will always be remembered. H. G. Wells is known as "The Shakespeare of Science-Fiction." He is one of the writers that gave credibility to a rising new genre of science-fiction, or Scientific Romance as it was first called in the late 19th century (the genre was not called science-fiction until 1929, (Wells, H. G. The War of the Worlds: viii)). Herbert George Wells was born on September 21, 1866, in a "shabby home," as Wells himself once called it, in Bromley, Kent, England to Joseph Wells and Sarah Neal Wells (Borrello, Alfred: 2). He had two older brothers, Frank and Fred. His family was poor but "shabby-genteel" (H. G. Wells: A Collection of Critical Essays: 3). Wells's father sold china and played professional cricket, and his mother was a housekeeper to the gentry, Sir Harry Featherstonhaugh. Though devoted to his parents, he viewed them as "willing victims of society" (Borrello, Alfred: 2). He was angry at their refusal to take effective measures to improve their place in life. And it was because of this that he did not care for the working class and envied the solidly established middle class. As a boy H. G. Wells had always been physically active, but after he broke his leg at the age of 8 in 1874, he couldn't do too much. During his period of convalescence he turned to books for the first time. When Herbert's mother went to work at the gentry's house, she took Herbert with her (his older brothers were apprenticed into the drapery trade). Sir Harry Featherstonhaugh had a large variety and number of books. With this large availability of new books, Wells's reading broadened. From 1884-1887 he was a student at Normal School of Science, London. There he studied biology unde r the well-known Thomas H. Huxley. In the early 1890s, Wells started teaching science classes, which led him to write a biology textbook. He also started writing articles in the popular magazines that were beginning to pop up everywhere. At the invitation of one of the editors, he began writing science-fiction stories in the mid 1890s.

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Human Capital Management

My decision to pursue the 9-month Master of Science in Management Studies (MSMS) program on offer at MIT Sloan School of Management was largely influenced by Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)’s Faculty of Business Administration invitation as one of the participating schools for this prestigious program. CUHK’s inclusion affords me the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong desire of acquiring a top-notch global business education from a world-class university.If accepted, enrolling for the MSMS program at MIT will be a kind of a homecoming. This is because of my prior sojourn to the United States for educational and vocational purposes. I had my college education at both Bentley College, Massachusetts and Washington University in St.Louis, Missouri, and I also had a professional stint at the Human Capital Practice unit of Deloitte Consulting which took me to American cities like Houston and Los Angeles.Afterwards, I had to take a diversion to the CUHK to pursue a full -time MBA program with a concentration in China Business. This was to enable me become well-grounded in modern Chinese business practices and also to catch up on developments leading to the emergence of China as the next global economic superpower.When I learnt about the CUMBA/MIT MSc in Management Studies Dual Degree Option, it turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime. I discovered that the program will not only permit me to continue expanding on my knowledge of Chinese business but also empower me to develop a solid background on global best practices in international management.My academic interests will be focused majorly on issues bordering on work, labor, and employment relations as well as human resource management, labor market issues, and related public policies. I will like to investigate how to retain and motivate employees using incentives other than just pecuniary compensation. In addition, I will also be interested in examining key business topics like supply chai ns and corporate complianceEnrolling for the MIT Sloan MSMS program will also enable me to take advantage of MIT Sloan’s impressive research facilities and resources. Of particular interest to me is the Institute for Work & Employment Research (IWER), where I will be conducting a considerable piece of the research towards fulfilling my thesis requirements.I will be glad to tap into the institute’s over 50 years legacy of research and teaching about the changing world of work and employment and discover how I can apply the acquired know-how in the Chinese business terrain.Also worth exploring for me in greater depth is the MIT Sloan Management Review, the preeminent quarterly academic journal. I am a huge fan of this reliable source of innovative ideas for the 21st century business leader and would love the opportunity to contribute scholarly articles, or even get my Master’s thesis featured in a future edition of the journal.MIT Sloan’s intellectually eng aging student body, forward-thinking faculty, and extensive alumni network complete the list of key reasons for selecting the management school as my preferred destination for advanced degree study.I look forward to the prospect of meeting and collaborating with great minds, especially Professor Thomas Kochan, Co-director of IWER and George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management. I would be drawing a lot of inspiration from his thoughts and scholarly works on industrial relations, work and employment.ANSWER TO QUESTION NO. 2Restructuring Human Capital Management (HCM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in China would probably be a thesis topic I would pursue. Why? Because, often times, in China, the primary focus for company managers are how to reduce overhead cost, make huge profits, and deliver the highest possible returns for shareholders.For managers that care less about long term, this narrow, profit- oriented approach to business may suffice, but only for a very short period of time. However, for companies that want to stand the test of time and survive the vagaries of modern day business, a more balanced management style is non-negotiable.Of course, most Chinese companies already have structures in place to cater to Human Capital Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility. The essence of this thesis however, is to suggest ways to reform these structures and make it a little more robust and engaging.

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Sentence Structure The Basics of Word Order

Sentence Structure The Basics of Word Order Sentence Structure: The Basics of Word Order A grammatical sentence is more than just the sum of its parts. All those parts have to be in the correct order, too. Using an incorrect word order, on the other hand, may lead to errors or a lack of clarity. Thankfully, the basics of word order are easy to remember if you use the initialism â€Å"SVO.† Subject + Verb + Object (SVO) The minimum required for a grammatical sentence is a subject (i.e., the person or thing that is doing or being something) followed by a verb (i.e., the action or state of being). You can see this in the table below: Subject (S) Verb (V) Steve†¦ †¦dances. The sentence above has only two words: the proper noun â€Å"Steve† and the verb â€Å"dances.† This is enough to create a grammatical sentence, but only if we use those words in the order shown. If we were to reverse the word order here, it would not make sense (â€Å"Dances Steve†). Any sentence with a transitive verb will also require a direct object after the verb. This â€Å"object† is the thing being acted upon in the sentence. For example: Subject (S) Verb (V) Object (O) Sally†¦ †¦kicks †¦the ball. In the sentence above, the subject (â€Å"Sally†) acts upon (â€Å"kicks†) the object (â€Å"the ball†). Any order other than subject + verb + object here would be ungrammatical with adding extra words. And as such, this basic word order is often the clearest, most concise option available. Indirect Objects If you’re feeling a little braver about word order now, you might be ready to tackle indirect objects. An indirect object is the thing that receives the direct object in a sentence, such as in the following: Subject Verb Direct Object Preposition Indirect Object Jimmy†¦ †¦gave †¦the present †¦to†¦ †¦his grandad. To break this down a bit, in this case: â€Å"Jimmy† is the subject. The verb is â€Å"gave.† The direct object is â€Å"the present.† And â€Å"his grandad† is the indirect object. As you can see, then, when following a preposition like â€Å"to† or â€Å"for,† we place the indirect object after the object in the sentence. However, if we omit the preposition the sentence, the indirect object would go before the object (making the correct order subject + verb + indirect object + object): Subject Verb Indirect Object Direct Object Jimmy†¦ †¦gave †¦his grandad †¦the present. This distinction is key, so it’s always worth checking whether your sentence contains a preposition if you’re unsure about the correct word order. Summary: The Basics of Word Order The basic word order in English is captured in the initials SVO: Subject + Verb + Object Each of these plays a specific role in the sentence: Subject (S) – The person or thing that enacts the verb in the sentence. Verb (V) – The action or state of being described. Object (O) – The direct object is the person or thing being acted upon. The minimum required for a grammatical sentence is a subject plus a verb. But any sentence with a transitive verb will have a direct object as well. The word order may be slightly more complicated in a sentence that includes an indirect object (i.e., the recipient of a direct object in a sentence). In this case, the correct word order depends on whether you’re using a preposition. If you are using one, the correct order is: Subject + Verb + Object + Indirect Object If the preposition is omitted, the sentence should be ordered: Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Object Finally, don’t forget that proofreading is a great way to ensure that your writing is free from grammatical errors. And our expert editors are always here and ready to help, so why not submit a document today?

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Organizational Behavior Management at BMW

Organizational Behavior Management at BMW Vision The project that will be undertaken will enlarge the knowledge of the existing employees. The employees will be motivated and will be a source of competent and knowledgeable workforce guarantying Bavaria Motor Works (BMW) a steady flow of innovation and competency in handling global motor production.Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on Organizational Behavior Management at BMW specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Automobile production requires expertise and motivation to gain competitive advantage over competitors (Shatouri, Omar Igusa, 2012). It is the vision of this project to develop a workforce that will be loyal to BMW. Dedicated workers will facilitate the company in its strategic plan to attain a competitive edge in the automobile industry. Objectives The objective of the proposed project is to develop a strategic human resource management concept that will facilitate the company to attain its corporate mis sion. The objective of BMW is to create an organizational culture that will facilitate the development of skills and loyalty within the employees. In order to attain this objective, the employees will be motivated through a variety of human resource programs. The objective of the company will be assured by the creation of a defined pool of workforce that will meet the demands of customers. Additionally, the human resource function will ensure that the employees are not only financially endowed but also their career and development will have received a new lease. Scope of project The project consists of a variety of aspects. The motivation of employees is the main objective. It is important to acknowledge that motivating a huge workforce is a challenge. The project is a long-term strategy as it is geared towards the development of a pool of knowledge workers. Customers The targeted clients for this project include the upper class as well as middle class consumers of BMW products. Mos t of BMW adverts are aimed to reach these groups of individuals. In fact, BMW strongly feel that these clients are prone to buying most of its automobile products. Key stakeholders Automobile manufacturing has multiple stakeholders that need to be considered when implementing this project. The manufacturing begins with the designers. Typically, the designers are part of the company workforce. Automobile manufacturing involves teams that collaborate to produce a specific part. The relationship between the teams requires mutuality to be effective. The teams require flexibility and adaptability. Mostly, the teams are task-based and as a result, team authority is placed on each individual to accomplish the task assigned.Advertising Looking for proposal on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The supplier of the automobile is another stakeholder. Once the teams assemble the automobile, they hand it over to the supplier after the inspection of its functioning. The supplier is responsible for delivering the automobile to the user. The use is subsequently the third stakeholder. Once the automobile has been sold, the stakeholders such as public authorities and insurance companies emerge. Roles and responsibilities of project team resource The role of every team member is well defined. The manufacturing of automobiles requires skills and proficiency. In this respect, it will be imperative for every team member to execute his or her roles with precision. Team members are essential stakeholders in the development of automobiles. The supervisor will be charged with overseeing the accomplishment of tasks. The HR will be the central player in ensuring the success of the initiative. The function will liaise with the finance department to facilitate the implementation of the project. The department will develop a training program that will not interfere with production. Cost and time estimates a nd allocation of resources In this project, the purchase of computers will be the most costly expense. The company does not need to build a computer laboratory. One of the rooms in the conference complex will be used for this purpose. Twenty computers will be purchased and installed in the room. All these will cost $30,000. The computers will be customized for use in the automobile industry. Software will be purchased and installed. This will cost the company $20,000. The company will require training manuals and stationery to facilitate training. Every employee will be handed a hardcopy of the training manual. Additionally, they will be availed with a softcopy of the same for mobility purposes. The computer will include a server that will be remotely accessible through the internet. The initial training will require the company to hire external service. Currently, the company does not have a trainer for the proposed initiative. The company will eventually employ an expert to train the employees upon the success of the pilot project. The success of the initiative in other companies is the driving force for the project. Competitors have realized the importance of integrating the employees in propelling companies to higher performance levels. The initiative requires the development of technology-based culture.Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on Organizational Behavior Management at BMW specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The company must commit substantial amount of money to fund the project. The human resource department will be an essential resource towards the realization of the objective. The department will facilitate the creation of knowledge workers for the long-term benefits of the company. Since the project involves workers, the human resource manager will develop a schedule for training attendance. The production activities will not be significantly impacted by the absence of some of the individuals. Major project milestones, delivery dates and criticality of milestones Any project requires being measurable in terms of delivery of the objectives. Investing in the project will cost the company a substantial amount of money. Naturally, the shareholders will require the realization of return on investments. In order to substantiate the investment the shareholders will make on the project, it is imperative to use assessment tools that will demonstrate that the project is important in the end. The approach to demonstrating that the project is significant in the attainment of competitive advantage will be facilitated by the utilization of performance appraisal tools. The utilization of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will be instrumental for this project. It is expected that between January 2014 and September 2014, Development Productivity (DP) will have improved by over 10 percent. The DP is the function points per man day and per platform annually. The quality of auto mobiles manufactured will have improved by 30 percent with innovative automobiles. The milestones will be important in addressing a transformational approach to the Application Development and Maintenance. This will be achieved by actively engaging a culture of constant progression via performance measurement. The changes that will be introduced by this program require tracking and comparative analysis with time. In order to enhance comparability with previous performance, function points will be necessary. The milestones that the project is expected to deliver include the production of modern sports utility vehicles having the ‘greener future’ features. This means that the development teams will be expected to suggest and develop the contemporary engineering applications in automobile manufacturing. Technological changes experienced globally means that individuals in every global location will demand the BMW products.Advertising Looking for proposal on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In view of the increasing demand for modern and convenient automobiles, it is imperative for BMW to focus on the delivery of novel automobiles. Since the project does not require the recruitment and training of new staff, it will take significantly minimal time to implement the HRM strategy. WBS Number Task Name WBS Description Must Start by Date Must End by Date Task Level of Effort (in hours) Task Duration (in days) Predecessor (Finish-to-Start Dependency) (comma separated) Resource Name(s) Author (of Item for follow-on questions) 1 Infrastructure The task requires the installation of training equipment. These include computers and local area network 01.01.2014 29.02.2014 120 20 Financial 2 Training The staff requires to be trained on the adoption of organizational change 01.03.2014 30.06.2014 180 30 Human and financial 3 Assessment The attitudes of the employees require assessing to determine whether or not further training is necessary 01.08.2014 30.08.2014 30 5 Hu man 4 performance appraisal Individual performance of the employees to determine whether or not the change has any significant improvement on performance 01.09.2014 30.09.2014 30 5 Human 5 Quarterly training This will be necessary to establish a culture of loyalty and commitment to the company 01.01.2015 Infinite 0 Human and financial The milestones achieved through this project will be determined by the satisfaction levels of the employees and shareholders. The attitude of the employees will change. The sense of teamwork will be developed in the employees. The accumulation of knowledge gained through the initiative will present the employees with essential innovation skills. As a result, the company will gain competitive advantage over competitors. Knowledge workers will facilitate the development of green technology automobiles. This will move the company towards sustainable development. Main dependencies, risks, issues and assumptions The human perspective is critic al in automobile manufacturing. The dimension is the most essential component for success. The management plays a fundamental role in the motivation and engagement of the team members to be innovative and collaborative towards a common objective. Effective production of an automobile depends on the ability of the management to define and explain the objectives of the company. It then plays a central role in sharing the means to achieve the objective. BMW management requires motivating the employees to take challenging courses with the aim of attaining the highest degree of competence. The employees need to feel as part of the company. As the company develops, the employees should also develop financially and professionally. Inherently, the approach proposed in this project has many benefits compared to the risks the approach attracts. The costs of producing an automobile are lowered significantly. The risks involved are multiple but preventable. The project seeks to ensure that the level of engaging outside expertise is minimized. The company will depend on the employees for profitability, innovativeness and growth (Lopez-Nicolas Mero-Cerdian, 2011). The success of the project will be the creation of loyalty and commitment to meet the objectives of the company. However, this does not guarantee the retaining of employees. There are companies that often poach skilled employees from other companies (Zapata Nieuwenhuis, 2010). This poses a major risk for this project. Consequently, it will be imperative for BMW to ensure that the employees are appropriately compensated. The company will also ensure that the employees are satisfied with their performance. Irrespective of the remuneration the employees receive, employees need to be psychologically settled when performing their roles. Dissatisfied employees are a recipe to the failure of any company. The cooperation of the management is critical towards ensuring minimal employee turnover. Planning and managing a pr oject involves a variety of risks. The most important risk is the failure of the project to deliver the projected outcomes. This is often brought about by the failure of the management to commit significant efforts in terms of resources. All kinds of projects require funding. It is hence important for the management to establish a pool of financial resources to mitigate the stalling of the project. Another risk hat faces this project is the prospect of the employees resistance to change. In fact, change is usually unwelcomed in the organizational settings. Most of the employees have worked with BMW for years. The introduction of the proposed human resource approach is bound to face resistance from employees who feel threatened. Inherently, the project will entail training of staff. However, the training will involve aspects that some employees may consider undesirable. In order to diminish the effects of resistance from employees, it is essential for the human resource function to c ommunicate to the employees about the importance of the proposed organizational change. Approved project budget BMW management realizes the need for the creation of knowledge workforce. Currently, the initiative to move towards this objective may appear expensive but the benefits from the project will surpass the costs three-fold. Competitors have been implementing such projects as a long-term strategy for sustainable development in the increasingly competitive automobile industry. Description Cost (US dollar) Computers 30,000 Software 10,000 Stationery 2,000 Training expenses 8,000 Total 50,000 In addition to the above expenses, the management has factored in the miscellaneous expenses such as consultation fees. The amount set aside for this purpose is $1000. Upon effective implementation of the project, the company has considered increasing the salary packages for employees who will demonstrate innovation. References Lopez-Nicolas, C., Mero-Cerdian, L. (2011). Str ategic knowledge management, innovation and performance. International Journal of Information Management, 31(6), 502–509. Shatouri, R., Omar, R., Igusa, K. (2012). Towards a new era of sustainability in the automotive industry: Strategic human resource management and green technology innovation. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 69(2), 217-222. Zapata, C., Nieuwenhuis, P. (2010). Exploring innovation in the automotive industry: New technologies for cleaner cars. Journal of Cleaner Production, 18(1), 14– 20.

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buy custom Quality Physical Education within the Primary School Years essay

buy custom Quality Physical Education within the Primary School Years essay Physical education occupies a significant weight in educating the whole scholar. Research advocates the value of progress in educating the brain and body. Physical education straight forwardly adds to growth of physical capability and vigor. It moreover aids students to create knowledgeable choices and appreciate the worth of directing a physically dynamic way of life. The advantages of physical education can impinge on both academic education and physical activity students patterns. The fit, physically energetic student is more prone to be academically inspired, attentive, and doing well. During the kindergarten and primary years, active play might be completely linked to motor aptitudes and cognitive growth. As children grow big and go through adolescence, physical activity can improve the expansion of a constructive self-concept, in addition to the talent to follow scholarly, social and emotional tests (NASPE, 1995). Standard physical activity develops efficient condition and limits disability throughout the middle and afterward maturity years. The products of a quality physical education program comprise the maturity of students physical capability, health-associated strength, confidence, and general satisfaction of physical activity. These results allow students to act upon knowledgeable decisions and alternatives about managing a physically energetic lifestyle. In premature years, children obtain enjoyment from movement feelings and undergo challenge and delight as they perceive a rising skill in their movement capacity. Evidence advises that the degree of involvement, the level of skills, and the weight of activities indulged in as a child, directly impacts the point to which children are prone to continue participating in physical activity as a grownup people. Regular bodily activity is connected to a better, longer life, in addition to a lesser possibility of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and some types of cancer. Recent suggestions are for kids to participate in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Children use up more than half their day in school, thus it is rational to necessitate that they should acquire at least 30 minutes of that time at school. Physical education ought to be a significant fraction of that obligation, and does a lot more than supply some minutes of moderate-dynamic activ ity. It trains students how to incorporate exercise into their daily lives to set up a lifetime of vigorous life. Unluckily, merely 3.9% of primary, 7.8% of middle, and 2.2% of high schools offer day by day physical education for the full school year. Twenty-two percent of schools do not need students to obtain any physical education whatsoever. Given that childhood obesity rates are constantly rising in numerous nations, there exists a public advocacy for supplementary physical education in schools. The huge bulk of parents of children under the age of 18 (95%) deem physical education must be an element of a school program for all students in grades K-12 (Calfas Taylor, 1994). Quality physical education curriculums can add to the improvement of self-worth among children. Children who are more dynamic might have better social achievements and positive relations in the society. Children require numerous chances to perceive individual sensations of success and accomplishment in physical activity surroundings. Discovery of different movement potentials, contribute to senses of delight and completion. Research recommends that immature children acquire via active participation with the stuff of their world. Children in primary school obtain information through physical examination of their setting. Physical education might offer children some learning experiences indispensable to the structure of intellectual systems. Children create further efficient schemes by physically engaging with their environment. Quality physical education agendas smooth the progress of discovery of movement in a range of frameworks that improve knowledge acquirement (NASPE, 1999). During the primary years, the physical education plan stresses the growth of basic locomotors, non-locomotors, and scheming skills throughout the major content parts of educational games, dance, and aerobics. The movement structure, (i.e., body, space, attempt, and association) is as well a share of the essential substance, and is the root for growing, expanding, and improving childrens selection of motor skills and consciousness. Quality coaching by physical education experts is important, if children are to evolve basic motor patterns (e.g. jump, skip, catch, and kick etc.). The motor skill groundwork set up all through the primary grades, are able to augment childrens social, cognitive and bodily progress, and moreover boost the probability of sustained interest and partaking in physical activity. Fitness at primary grades is backed by an affluent experience in many central movement outlines. According to NASPE, high quality physical educational programs should enhance the physical mental and social/emotional development of every child and incorporate fitness education and assessment to help children understand, improve and maintain their physical well-being. Any legislation and/or regulation to promote quality physical education should consider the following: %uF0B7 necessitate all school regions to expand and put into practice a deliberate, chronological physical education prospectus k-12 that holds to ntional and state principles for fitness and physical education; %uF0B7 employ a physical education director at the state level to offer resources and provide Back-up to school regions across every state; %uF0B7 include demands for health, cognitive, and emotional appraisal in physical education that are strongly related to student development and knowledge achievement; %uF0B7 guarantee that curriculums comprise suitable equipment and sufficient indoor and outdoor amenities; %uF0B7 require that scholars are dynamic in moderate-strong physical activity for the suggested amount of time; %uF0B7 prohibit replacements for physical education with other sports such as varsity activities; %uF0B7 disallow students to avoid physical education to arrange for other classes or regular tests; and %uF0B7 embrace physical education for graduation, and include the physical education grade as an element of students comprehensive GPA. Inclusive Physical Education - Disability Inclusive physical education is identified as a non-biased practices, when students settings involve variations in skill levels, cultures and sex. In this segment, the main concentration is on disability. Inclusive physical education instructors recognize and advocate diversity amongst students and struggle to steer clear of students outlook secluded. Quality physical teachers are open to diversity and acknowledge all students involvement as a challenge. Physical education tutors should be supplied with compound and repeated opportunities to comprehend more concerning disability. Additionally, conjecture on models and concepts of pedagogy of special needs students underwent in pre-service training, should be subsequent to convenient experiences for novice teachers in schools. The converse of inclusive physical education, is the anticipation that children are required to incorporate (adapt and fit in) to prearranged principles. Comprehensive program in physical education is an active practice. Delivery and assessment of diverse students requirements change continuously. Direction should be seized from partnership with numerous factors. The partnerships must engage expression, teamwork and appraisal. Knowledge about wants can be acquired from two sources: the various experts (students and parents) and private experience. Collaboration, teamwork and peripheral support methods are fundamental to effective inclusive delivery. There is a prominent requirement for physical instructors to react to personal needs and modify evaluation to appreciate how successful this feedback has been. This is not so easy. The exact challenge resides in completely accepting child-focused experiences. Strength, equilibrium, skills and synchronization can be enhanced in children with disabilities. The Early Childhood Activity-Based Approach In this model, the teacher expands ability-fitting objectives for young people. The objectives are rooted in a selection of play-focused activities. Children are free to move at their own speed, however the environment, including inquiries on when, where and how to progress arbitrated by the educator. The approach comprehends that children gain best knowledge via acting and responding to their bodily and social setting. In this representation, the teacher is a follower, and the children are the leaders. Personal objects and goals can be located in the activities the kids self-choose. Helping with the learning process in children with disabilities, widens further than just playing. Inclusions should reflect experiences in regular determined recreations. Teachers fabricate inspiring movement settings and profit from natural play in order to attain wanted objectives. Accommodating instead of challenging experiences might be anticipated. Achievement is perceived via collaborative work, thus to realize common goals, acknowledging everyones hard work, and constructively employing all members. It is deemed improper to disallow students with special needs the privilege to partake in physical education. For instance, children with visual destructions may possibly completely participate, when handed over beeper balls, or beeper marks, or different surfaced items. An assortment of suitable age activities might be of a great supply for students with vision impairment, thus bringing about opportunities of feeling included, strength and certainty. Casual and shallow contact with disabled students will more probably lead to prejudice than into routine true associations. Well equipped and intended inclusion, is more liable to produce true contacts amongst students, than a more random attitude to students with varied needs. Inclusion agenda purposes may encompass; student reception of skill abilities of others, constructive teaching settings, effectivenness in accommodating assignments, self-determined ability development and constant support of practiced assistance. Other Obstacles impeding quality physical education Physical education is commanded to make up 7-11% of core curriculum time, however, nowadays, provision is hardly ever implemented. Research has revealed a wide selection of obstacles and issues, which affect the amount and eminence of PE and sport agendas within elementary schools. These barriers subsist mostly because the release of PE generally depends on classroom educators.. With the foreword of the My School website, a serious prominence has been set on enhancing numeracy and literacy, hence this weight will persist on building up, as teachers endeavor to fulfill the requirements of the novel National prospectus. With this growing pressure, it is ordinary for a minor stress to be dedicated to PE aspect. Researchers discovered that Elementary educators frequently exclude the compulsory PE hours from their week. In consequence of feeling forced or urged by the curriculum degree and weight, in addition to their lack of know-how and aptitude to lecture the useful part of the PDHPE p rogram. An expert PE instructor would be a perfect move to guarantee apt and rational balance between PE and further emphases (Barton, Fordyce, Kirby, 1999). In a current study of elementary teachers, it was noticed and discovered that many were incapable of incorporating the obligatory hours across all focus areas, with the majority of participants declaring that PE was the first to be impacted. There is a selection of additional causes affecting our educators, and involve a deficit in their assurance to edify PE, a shortage of time, poor amenities, insufficient resources, and diminished levels of concern in PE. The scarce sporting capital accessible in elementary schools, merged with the shortage in proficiency to expand and execute lessons, is always a constant distress. Numerous instructors depend on their individual school experiences with PE and sport, thus their own coaching of PE is a representation of their recollections, whether good or bad, rather than from the information acquired in skilled pre-service teaching. Specialized PE teachers endure four years of extensive training to make sure they possess the necessary skills and aptitude to offer quality PE to our children. Teachers have always resisted the notions of the conventional PE process which is mainly stresses on skills. The lack of self-assurance they undergo in teaching skills, and their perceptions of meagerness with their own physical competence, negatively affect their capability to supply quality teaching in such field. Nevertheless, with the inauguration of modern approaches to teaching in PE, like Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), and Game Sense (GS), we presently embrace a method, which is likely more pleasurable, equally for teachers and scholars, and furthermore one that adheres to the principles of the quality teaching and learning structure. Action Plan for Quality PE Curricular lessons for all students (K-12) for at least 150 minutes per a weekly basis. Competent, passionate teachers. Well designed lessons including a broad selection of activities. A high degree of involvement by all students in every session and class. A stress on fun, satisfaction, success, impartiality, self-realization and personal wellbeing. Suitable activities for the age and phase of each student. Activities that improve cardiovascular schemes, muscular vigor, endurance and suppleness. A participation-oriented intramural agenda. Inventive and safe use of amenities and tools. Quality physical education is offered to all students in primary and middle youth for a bare minimum of 150 minutes every week. Physical education agendas accentuate enjoyment and assist students in growing assurance, in addition to facilitating knowledge, behavior and skill expansion that will result in a long-term physical activity patterns. Responsibility measures are recognized to make sure schools abide by time and curriculum obligations. Sufficient budgets are distributed to physical education programs and resources. The process of preserving physical activity or physical education time as a kind of penalty is banned. Opportunities are obtainable for all students, apart from gender or aptitude level to be involved in extramural programs and activities that bring about the practice of physical literacy skills to physical activity Physical and fitness teaching are required subjects. Offer regular knowledge expansion chances to PE teachers, which related to the field in particular, and hence needs teachers to remain up-to-date on rising technologies, programs, and teaching processes. Physical activity adds to the quality of life, mental wellbeing, and the capability to fulfill physical work requirements. Physical education is able to act as a medium for aiding students widen the knowledge, approaches, motor skills, conducts, and self-assurance required to accept and retain a bodily dynamic standard of living. Therefore, physical activity must be seriously regarded and constantly incorporated in every aspect of our daily life. Buy custom Quality Physical Education within the Primary School Years essay

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Analysis of Barbie Doll Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis of Barbie Doll - Essay Example These dolls are not only a thing that children like playing with but for girls it helps them imagine what they would look like when they grow up. The Barbie doll became the dream of many girls. The history of the Barbie doll started with the love story of a young boy and girl who fell in love and at that time in America there was a little tradition of girls going to college so they got married at a young age whose name are Ruth and Elliot Handler who had two children Barbie and Ken. They both owned a company in the 1940’s that used to make wooden frames. This is how their toy business started and after that both of them joined their close friend Harold Mattson to form a company which could create such a doll which would be famous all over the world and the company was named Mattel where Matt stands for Mattson and el for Elliot. This is how Barbie came into existence and Ruth hired Charlotte Johnson to do Barbie’s wardrobe and in 1958 the patent of Barbie was obtained. The Japanese were the first one to manufacture hand-stitched clothes of the first Barbie dolls. The Barbie doll was portrayed as a fashion model for the teenagers. From the time of its existence till today, the Barbie doll has taken on many professions like a doctor, dentist, paleontologist, firefighter and many others.

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Should GMO foods be banned in the United States Essay - 1

Should GMO foods be banned in the United States - Essay Example GMOs refer to bacteria, animals, as well as plants that tend be engineered either for research that is scientific or production through agricultural ways. Genetically modified organisms may have can be termed as health hazards in a number of ways. The harmful health effects caused by GMOs depend on the organism under modification, as well as the purpose for which researchers intend with the organism. Over the years, scholars and various entities have engaged in numerous debates regarding the negative impacts of GMOs on the health of human beings, as well as the environment (Schapiro 97). While some people support the consumption of GMOs, others are in total disagreement over consumption of GMOs. I will argue against the consumption of GMOs. In this regard, I will support the argument that GMOs should be banned in the United States. Discussion Based on numerous studies that have been conducted, the modification and consumption of GMOs poses immense health hazards, which surpass the be nefits derived from these organisms. In most of the developed nations, GMOs are not considered as safe; most countries all over the world have also restricted the consumption of genetically modified foods by their citizens. Therefore, the United States should also follow suit and illegalise the consumption of GMOs (Zarrilli 45). Although the United States government has approved the consumption of GMOs based on several studies, most American citizens have refused to accept these organisms. This should be a wake-up call to the government and other concerned authorities who should ban the use of GMOs in the United States. It is apparent that most American citizens wish that manufacturers label GMOs. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that Americans know what they are purchasing so that they do not buy GMOs (Edelstein 118). Those who support the banning of GMOs in the United States cite a number of reasons why the government should prohibit the consumption of these foods. One of the reasons why GMOs should be banned is because they have high toxic levels. When humans consume natural foods, the probability of getting toxins from these foods can be termed as lower than when they consume genetically modified foods. When exotic genes are inserted in plants, there is a high possibility that these plants will become more toxic than they would be without the genes. As a result, the high levels of toxins can be harmful to the health of human beings. Since inserting a gene into a plant alters its production of toxins, humans will most likely suffer adverse effects when they take genetically modified organisms (Colgan 128). GMOs have high toxic levels since new genes have an impact on the metabolic pathway, which is a precursor to the production of high amounts of toxins. The other reason why genetically modified foods should be banned is because they lead to food allergies. In the United States, food allergy can be regarded as one of the most significant health threats that the government should fight. Genetically modified foods cause allergy when there is stimulation of an immune response by a harmless protein entering the body. This means that when the protein in the GMO emanates from an allergy causing source, there is a high possibility that some immune responses may take place in the human body. The allergic reactions from the consumption of GMOs form a strong basis upon which the United States ought to ban these foods (Garte 229). The other reason why the United States should ban the consumption of GMOs is because they have lower nutritional content than traditional forms of food. The value of nutrients derived from the consumption of GMOs tends to be lower than when a person consumes natural foods. There are limited nutrients that can be found in GMOs and the little it is may be difficult to digest (Lee 20). The nutritional value of a plant declines when there is injection of a gene inside the plant. With limited amounts of nutrients being

Ahad Ha'am's Idea of the Spiritual Center Research Paper

Ahad Ha'am's Idea of the Spiritual Center - Research Paper Example He is also known as the founder of Cultural Zionism and strived for "a Jewish state and not merely a state of Jews.† He left an extensive impact on Hebrew culture, with his equivocal political imprint. The collection of his essays comprises of the four-volume ‘Al Parashat Derakhim (At the Crossroads; 1895–1914), remain among the most influential ever written by a modern Jewish intellectual. The leading figures of twentieth-century Judaism labelled him as a ‘prime inspiration’. They include Israel’s first president Chaim Weizmann, Hebrew University chancellor Judah Magnes, poet Hayim Nahman Bialik, Kabbalah scholar Gershom Scholem, and theologian Martin Buber. Ahad Ha’am's idea was his most famous; this was known as cultural Zionism. It was based on the establishment of small settlements in Palestine which aimed at resuscitating the Jewish spirit and culture in the modern world. According to Rabbi Dr. Louis Jacobs, Ginsberg saw what he cal led "absolute spirituality" (ruhani ha muhlat) as the very essence of Judaism, which had always set its face against material concepts of the divine. In the vision of cultural Zionism, a small number of Jewish cadres speaking Hebrew as well as who were well-versed in Jewish culture would settle in Palestine.

Does Negative Attack Campaigns have an impact on US Presidential Research Paper

Does Negative Attack Campaigns have an impact on US Presidential Elections - Research Paper Example kinds of negative advertisement, and stands to reason that these different kinds of negative ads will have different effects on the people who view them. Some negative ads simply state that there are policy differences between the two candidates, so these are more compare and contrast. Others are scurrilous attacks – they might be lies, or irrelevant, or both. The types of ads out of the first category will have different effects than the types of ads from the second category, and the research bears this out. However, the research does not necessarily state whether the policy difference ads increases turnout for one candidate or another – the research simply states that these ads increase turnout overall. Moreover, the research indicates that scurrilous or irrelevant attack ads – the kind that do not advance the debate – depresses turnout overall. This study will attempt to discern if the policy type negative ads increases turnout for one candidate over an other, and how these ads makes the electorate view each candidate. This study will also seek to find out if the more scurrilous, mud-slinging type ads depresses turnout, and how these ads make the electorate see candidates. Finally, this study will seek to discover how the public perceives ads which might either be seen as advancing the debate, or scurrilous or irrelevant, and will seek to find out how the public views these ads, how they categorize them, and why. Mark (2006) states that negative campaigns very often depend upon television advertising. However, the negative campaigns are not restricted to television advertisements, stating that the negativity often pervades every aspect of the candidate’s messaging, including candidates’ speeches, debates, press statement and talk show appearances. The Internet also plays a large part in negative campaigning, as Stokes (2006) notes. Specifically, Stokes (2006) points to a smear campaign against Teresa Heinz-Kerry, who is the wife of Senator John

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Recording Analysing and using HR Information (CIPD CERTIFICATE) Essay

Recording Analysing and using HR Information (CIPD CERTIFICATE) - Essay Example legal requirements,  provide records in the event of an assertion against the organization, provide relevant information in decision making, record contractual arrangements, and keep contact details of employees (Kemsley, 2012). Within an organization, there are numerous types of data collected. These may include company data, employee records and statutory records.   Personal data such as employee name, telephone number, address, and next of keen, are collected and recorded to enable HR to contact employees (Obisi, 2011). Employee data help the organization to increase the efficiency of recruitment, promotion, development and training, monitoring equal opportunities issues. They can provide raw data to individual skills and competencies hence help the organization pinpoint precise opportunities to improve skills to match requirements (Cornell University, 2011). Payroll data allows HR to keep tabs on employee pay history as well as incorporate any changes. This consists of data pertaining basic salary and any additional benefits (Liverpool John Moores University, 2012). Accurate disciplinary action records enable HR to take an employee’s past record fully into account, especially when deciding what action to take when any breach of conduct has occurred. They also help management to apply the appropriate disciplinary rules according to the organization’s policy. There are many methods of recording and storing HR data. Records can be stored in filing cabinets, which make ease of access to data. It also helps to maintain a record of paper trail, which can be used for future reference or as evidence (Pope, 2012). Most organizations use the human resource information system (HRIS). This is an integrated system created to provide information used in HR decision-making (NMA Technologies, 2008). It merges human resource management with information technology. Here computer software, hardware, and databases simplify the task of analyzing data and help organizations

Essay on the policy formation process Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

On the policy formation process - Essay Example batier, noted social scientist, has conceptualized ‘Advocacy Coalition Framework’ or ACF and ‘Multiple Streams Framework’ for the policies in different areas of public welfare, that have proved quite effective. The essay would be discussing these models of policy frameworks in the areas of healthcare and education in the United States. ‘Advocacy Coalition Framework’ takes into account the interests of various stakeholders by incorporating opinions and feedback from wide ranging external and internal resources that may significantly impact the masses in the specified areas. The stakeholders comprise of beneficiaries of the schemes, institutions and intermediaries that facilitate the schemes to the public and the decision making bodies that are responsible for various processes for policy framework and subsequent implementation of those policies. The coalition broadly comprises of two major sources who seemingly reflect the welfare of the people: media, researchers and analysts; actors at all levels of government (local, state and international) (Sabatier, 1988). These sources help to study the various perspectives of the policy in the particular field by taking into account the different variables like socio-economic changes, political paradigms, evolving socio-cultural values, normative beliefs and environmental constraints. Thus, while incorporating the finer details of the policies in the relevant area, the view point of these agencies and the feedback widens the policy perspectives and ensures better decision making in framing the policies. ‘Multiple Streams Framework’ primarily believes that three vital streams of thoughts significantly impact the process of formulation of policies. The first is the problem identification that necessitates the process, second is the diversity in the requirements of the communities and lastly the political imperatives of vested interests that are influenced by public opinions, changing socio-economic and

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Does Negative Attack Campaigns have an impact on US Presidential Research Paper

Does Negative Attack Campaigns have an impact on US Presidential Elections - Research Paper Example kinds of negative advertisement, and stands to reason that these different kinds of negative ads will have different effects on the people who view them. Some negative ads simply state that there are policy differences between the two candidates, so these are more compare and contrast. Others are scurrilous attacks – they might be lies, or irrelevant, or both. The types of ads out of the first category will have different effects than the types of ads from the second category, and the research bears this out. However, the research does not necessarily state whether the policy difference ads increases turnout for one candidate or another – the research simply states that these ads increase turnout overall. Moreover, the research indicates that scurrilous or irrelevant attack ads – the kind that do not advance the debate – depresses turnout overall. This study will attempt to discern if the policy type negative ads increases turnout for one candidate over an other, and how these ads makes the electorate view each candidate. This study will also seek to find out if the more scurrilous, mud-slinging type ads depresses turnout, and how these ads make the electorate see candidates. Finally, this study will seek to discover how the public perceives ads which might either be seen as advancing the debate, or scurrilous or irrelevant, and will seek to find out how the public views these ads, how they categorize them, and why. Mark (2006) states that negative campaigns very often depend upon television advertising. However, the negative campaigns are not restricted to television advertisements, stating that the negativity often pervades every aspect of the candidate’s messaging, including candidates’ speeches, debates, press statement and talk show appearances. The Internet also plays a large part in negative campaigning, as Stokes (2006) notes. Specifically, Stokes (2006) points to a smear campaign against Teresa Heinz-Kerry, who is the wife of Senator John

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Essay on the policy formation process Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

On the policy formation process - Essay Example batier, noted social scientist, has conceptualized ‘Advocacy Coalition Framework’ or ACF and ‘Multiple Streams Framework’ for the policies in different areas of public welfare, that have proved quite effective. The essay would be discussing these models of policy frameworks in the areas of healthcare and education in the United States. ‘Advocacy Coalition Framework’ takes into account the interests of various stakeholders by incorporating opinions and feedback from wide ranging external and internal resources that may significantly impact the masses in the specified areas. The stakeholders comprise of beneficiaries of the schemes, institutions and intermediaries that facilitate the schemes to the public and the decision making bodies that are responsible for various processes for policy framework and subsequent implementation of those policies. The coalition broadly comprises of two major sources who seemingly reflect the welfare of the people: media, researchers and analysts; actors at all levels of government (local, state and international) (Sabatier, 1988). These sources help to study the various perspectives of the policy in the particular field by taking into account the different variables like socio-economic changes, political paradigms, evolving socio-cultural values, normative beliefs and environmental constraints. Thus, while incorporating the finer details of the policies in the relevant area, the view point of these agencies and the feedback widens the policy perspectives and ensures better decision making in framing the policies. ‘Multiple Streams Framework’ primarily believes that three vital streams of thoughts significantly impact the process of formulation of policies. The first is the problem identification that necessitates the process, second is the diversity in the requirements of the communities and lastly the political imperatives of vested interests that are influenced by public opinions, changing socio-economic and

Four Truths and a Lie Essay Example for Free

Four Truths and a Lie Essay Introduction†¦ Have you ever said a truth? Well, you say truth 99.8% of your conversation each day! You are most likely to said a truth by playing – truth, dare, double-dare, kiss, love game. On the other hand, have you ever lied? Obliviously, I think everyone have lied at least once in their life because they have to do it to helps themselves. Me, Kaitlyn Phan has 1 sister and 1 brother named Lana and Joe, and I live my mum and siblings here. I have 4 good friends named: Michelle Tsang, Chriselle Lee, Lindy Sohn and Melody Lim! I live in Singapore one of the busiest and crowed country (well, place) in the world. I have lived so many countries since my dad is†¦ Busy man! Such as Melbourne, Vietnam, Philippines and†¦ Singapore. I find moving school several times hard, because not everyone is friendly, there is always drama queen, wannabes, and more and more annoying stuff. So, let’s start the game of Three Truths and 1 lie†¦ Chapter 1 Begin the game! â€Å"Have you ever heard of Boy Bands?† Lindy asked me one morning, exclaiming. I knew she knew it, because it was on this month’s issue of Pretty Girl’s magazine. â€Å"Obliviously! You think I’m dumb?† I joked. â€Å"Hey!† Mish (Michelle) jumped into our conversation. Mish loves to talk and fashion†¦ She is also sporty. â€Å"We were just talking about Boy Bands†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I rolled my eyes quickly, so I don’t look crazy. â€Å"Like, what?† â€Å"Don’t know.† Ding-Dong! The bell rang as usual (what else?) Luckily this year we are in same class, and there were HUGE chance that we won’t be together because there are 11 classes this year. Lot’s of people thinks, my school is interesting because we start and 7:25 and end at 1:30 (only for Monday to Wednesday. Thursday to Friday is 7:20 to 1:30.) Younger kids like my sister who is in Grade 1 starts school on noon to 6:50, and mum finds it a little inconvenient. â€Å"Have you ever played four truths and 1 lie?† Chriselle, a lover of tech stuff and games asked in an exciting tone. â€Å"Well, we’ve played Truths or Dare?† â€Å"Yeah!† â€Å"Is it like I Never game?† Melody questioned. â€Å"Well, here it goes.† Mish began. â€Å"One person lists three facts about themselves, except one of the facts is a lie. Be sure to be random about the order of your facts. Also try to recite the facts in the same voice, so you dont give away the lie. Examples:†¨ #1 I love chocolate cake so much. #2 My brother goes to university in USA with his cousins. #3 Two summers ago my family took our vacation to China. The other people have to guess which one is a lie. Everyone will know how everyone else has voted. †¨The person sets the record straight by saying the lie e.g. #2 was a lie. They may also explain the circumstances for the other two facts. Everyone else may talk about how they were fooled or figured out which was the lie.† â€Å"Why don’t we just get started?† Chriselle and I chorused. We all clapped our hands and got out of the school building to the playground.

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Effects of Climate Change on the Middle East

Effects of Climate Change on the Middle East The Effects of Climate Change on the Middle East The Middle East is going to experience a very tough patch in the coming years, with Climate Change threatening basic life, political tensions dividing countries and the economy relying on depleting oil reserves. Of course this is not true for the whole region but mealy a vague overview and this is what this essay aims to look at in more depth. Global climate change is predicted to have many effects across the face of the earth, some of which can be seen right now. The Middle East is one of the most water scarce places on Earth. A person living in this region only has access to â€Å"1,200 cubic meters of water per year, compared with the average of about 7,000 cubic meters worldwide†. As temperatures rise due to anthropogenic climate change, evaporation rates will also rise, leading to reduced output from any surface water storages (reservoirs and rivers). The first effect will be water shortages hitting agriculture as there will be lack of water to feed crops, then ordinary lower class civilians with basic jobs will also feel the impact of water shortages. The result would cause crop failure and lead to starvation as basic local food becomes scarce (Saudi Arabia is nearly self sufficient in wheat but without water crops will be lost). Food prices will rocket as they have to import more to meet the demand. This has already been seen as two recent droughts in Iraq 1999/00 and 2000/01 caused non-irrigated wheat production to decrease by 90%. Exports of agricultural products will cease and over sea revenue will dwindle excluding the oil industry. This will lead to increased poverty across the region. Lack of available jobs and poverty mixed together with food and water scarcity may push people to extreme political groups as those in Iraq and Afghanistan, thus making stable regions ticking time bombs. The lack of available drinking water would embark on people finding other sources which could distort their health increasing cholera and other water born diseases, as countries in the Middle East do not have well developed sewerage systems outside of main cities and that people relieve themselves where ever possible⠁ ´. This pressure puts immense strain on services such as the health service, but also on the government as citizens will be demanding action, raising political tensions. The government could respond by importing more water at a financial cost but also an environmental one. By importing water you require transport. Pipe lines are expensive and time consuming to build, so short term solutions will include the transportation of water by either lorry or ship, into the country either from Asia or Europe. This method releases even more COâ‚‚ and acts as a positive feedback towards climate change, so is not a suitable method as it leads to even greater water scarcity. Aquifer sources are already under serious depletion in this region⠁ ¸ and as the demand increases it will require more to be abstracted, which means improvements in technology will be made so that more water can be pumped to the surface at a faster rate. However it will have devastating consequences such as subsidence or saline water intrusion which will be just as serious. Subsidence is already occurring in western Saudi Arabia due to over abstraction of groundwaterand that the majority of the water supplies are retrieved from non-renewable water with only a small percentage coming from internally renewable sources. The West Bank and Gaza are in a much more comfortable situation compared to Saudi as they have much more internally renewable water but that does not exempt them from a water crisis. Of Gazas available sources of water, only 5-10% is potable due to contamination. The diagram above shows that the Middle East (especially Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria) has a very high stress for water availability. Saudi Arabia has invested heavily in desalination plants with money from the oil industry but is still struggling to cope with demand. The country is now abstracting from â€Å"underground supplies in its east province reducing the agriculture and water availability of Qatar and Bahrain†Ã¢  ¸ and the annual recharge rate is a mere 0-5mm⠁ µ. This climate in Saudi Arabia is predominantly arid and semi arid but temperature extremes can be found at the Najd high Plateau with very hot summers and bitter cold winters. The coastal region experiences a slightly less harsh climate due to the Red Sea. The mean annual rainfall for this region is very worrying already (see diagram below) without the predicted impacts of climate change. The diagram also highlights that large areas are unable to cultivate crops without heavy irrigation which leads back to the political tensions arising over abstraction of underground water supplies and reduced output of crops. As you can see Turkey and the North West of Iran have much wetter climates but this could all change. Precipitation is expected to shift in the negative direction around the Middle East as shown in diagram from the IPCC Technical Paper leading to a decline in soil moisture content which increases daytime temperatures⠁ ´. Countries on the northern side, for example Turkey, are expected to bit hit hard due to their reliance on rivers and surface water storages. Turkeys average annual rainfall fluctuates depending on the area. Coastal regions experience 668mm per year, but central regions can get as low as 382mm per year. Large drops in annual rainfall could cause serious droughts as rivers and surface storages dry up leading to consequences highlighted earlier in this essay. Precipitation extremes will become more frequent due to climate change in this area, which would vastly increase the chances of flooding around the Jordan River as well as leading to serious soil erosion by rain splash. The sheer volume of precipitation will cause channels Climate Change and Water and gullies to form, washing the soil and sediments into water bodies. In turn it could reduce potable water even more so due to contamination as synthetic fertilisers and nutrients are washed out of soilsas well as having the effect of increasing turbidity. Predicted increases of runoff in the northern region of the Middle East will not help matters. Eutrophication is a major consequence leading to a decline in aquatic life as the excess nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) enter a water body and cause an algae bloom. This blocks sunlight from reaching bottom dwelling photosynthesising organisms which results in them dying. Zooplankton which feed on algae also live and hide amongst the lower photosynthesising organisms so their population will decline rapidly promoting algae growth to increase further (predator prey relationship). The algae have a high turnover rate (high growth and high death rates) and the dead algae are decomposed by respiring organisms which uses the oxygen up. This has been noted in the Keban Dam in eastern Anatolia. Pollutants like those leaked from the oil industry would have detrimental effects on the surrounding plant and wildlife with increased runoff, ultimately leading to decreasing biodiversity and the loss of environmentally sensitive areas along the Red Sea coast line. Coastal regions are also becoming under immense stress and are extremely vulnerable to increases in sea level. The table taken from The Impact of Sea Level indicates the overall effects of increases in 1m sea level changes across the Middle East and North Africa. A 1m increase would cause 24,000 sq km to be impacted which is a huge amount but the only country to be largely affected by this is Qatar. Around 13% is predicted to be impacted with a 5m increase ²Ã‚ ². This will cause mass displacement of people, forcing migration of people living close to the coast. Their quality of life will be directly affected as would the standard of living unless governments intervened and relocated them in permanent locations. If not, refugee camps will be a large regional problem. A Comparative Analysis 5% of UAEs population will experience the consequences of a 1m rise but 10-15% will be exposed to further increases. Qatars GDP will suffer greatly (10%) leading to further money deficit problems, and unable to counter the consequences of climate change and increased sea level ²Ã‚ ². The country will fall to outside help but whether it receives it is another matter. The population and economy are not the only victims of climate change. Precious wetlands will be lost in the Middle East around coastal countries like Qatar, Kuwait and UAE. With a 1m rise in sea level over 20% of Qatars wetlands will be affected which is alarming as they are essential for bird and invertebrate diversity. Populations are very small and are very vulnerable to slight changes. The red sea is home to a large variety of coral reefs. The increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not only causing increasing temperatures and sea levels, but also the sea to become more acidic. These three effects are having direct impacts of precious coral reefs around the world. Coral structures are being weakened by carbonic acids reacting with their skeletons due to the acidification of the sea, making them more prone to damage. What is more alarming is corals chose a habitat with a very limited tidal range. With increasing sea levels There will be catastrophic social and economic consequences due to anthropogenic climate change. The social classes are already distorted in the third world oil exporting countries. The poor do not benefit from the oil revenues directly and it often has the effect of bringing about authoritarian and repressive regimes. Saudi Arabia owns 20% of the worlds oil reserves and is also the main producer of crude oil, with an estimated production of 10.72 million barrels a day. This is a huge over sea revenue generator and without it Middle Eastern countries like Saudi, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates would find it very difficult to develop as huge investments in infrastructure are needed. With increasing worry about serious climate change, many things are bound to happen in the near future. The first prediction is that MEDCs stop buying oil completely due to worldwide cooperation against climate change (which is extremely unlikely as no main alternative for the transport sector has been fully developed and applied on a large scale⠁ ´ let alone countries committing to such ‘risky deals). Alternatively large COâ‚‚ cuts may be sanctioned and oil will fall to this. The UK has agreed to 80% emission cuts by 2050. The hypothetical reason behind this is that as climate change becomes more rooted in politics, more action will be taken. Eventually oil will run out anyway and some governments in the coming century may take the first leap for their countries and find ways to live entirely on renewable resources. This would be devastating for Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates as oil exports are their biggest revenue generator. Saudi Arabias eco nomy revolves around oil, â€Å"the petroleum sector accounts for roughly 80% of budget revenues, 45% of GDP, and 90% of export earnings. About 40% of GDP comes from the private sector. Roughly 6.4 million foreign workers play an important role in the Saudi economy, particularly in the oil and service sectors†, the countries with their biggest reliance on oil in their economy is highlighted in the diagram above, and out of the top five, four of them are situated in the Middle East with nearly 97% related to oil. If countries stop buying this oil, then the demand will dramatically drop leading to a vast decrease in the price of a barrel of oil (simple supply and demand economics), a decrease in $1 per barrel would lose $3.4billion in revenue. This will lead to decreased public spending on projects like motorways, airports and hospitals, but the whole crude oil industry could be vulnerable to total collapse if a worldwide embargo was set to stop the use of crude oil. Saudi citi zens benefit from not paying taxes due to the shear flow of capital from the oil industry but without it, life will become much harder. It would have direct effects on employment; although oil exporting countries are trying to diversify their economy before it is too late, showing that there is a concern over the coming future. As the public spending dwindles, development will start to cease. The infrastructure will not improve as large amounts of revenue needed cannot be found and unemployment rates will sky rocket, even though unemployment rates are the highest in the world already at 13.2%. Standard of life will drop significantly as well as quality of living. This is where the most social consequences will be seen as education will be in jeopardy as will health and well being. If schools cannot be built then children are denied of learning which vastly decreases the chances of a higher skilled job and lowers literacy rates. As road building slows down, trade will be limited as i t requires vast networks which are not fully installed in the more rural areas. In result foreign investors will be put off, and agricultural trade will be limited to local markets⠁ ´. Tourism will be greatly affected by the changing climate, political tensions and rising concerns over food and water security. â€Å"The Middle East totalled 46 million international tourist arrivals and continues to be one of the tourism success stories of the decade so far, despite ongoing tensions and threats† in 2007. This is leading to a vast increase in pressure but is also fuelling the diversification of the economy. Hotels are struggling to cope with numbersand the indication of extreme events does not seem to be slowing the average annual growth of 9.3% ³Ã¢  ´. The tourism industry will be ruined by any such event mentioned previously due to the reputation of the area; but does deeply depend on how the governments handle the situations. If the countries in this region act now by carefully managing scare non-renewable water supplies as well as energy usage and keeping cooperation between countries going they stand a good chance of adapting to the effects of anthropo genic climate change. Investing in the local economy would benefit the region as a whole, by providing more jobs and help areas to develop which would otherwise be left on their own to cope with the changes. In conclusion it is clear that climate change will have enormous effects on this region of the world, ranging from the social distortion from dwindling unemployment rates to the increase in precipitation extremes leading to soil desertification. Economies are diversifying away from the old crude oil industry into new sectors such as tourism; but even those are being put under threat as water availability decreases causing a whole sequence of underlying social and economic problems. coral reefs Climate-change effects on extreme precipitation in central Europe: uncertainties of scenarios based on regional climate models Jan Kyselà ½ Romana Beranovà ¡ 20 January 2008 Use of the standardized precipitation index (SPI) and a modified SPI for shaping the drought probabilities over Turkey, Murat T ¨urke ¸s,* and Hasan TatlÄ ±, 8 January 2009 Date accessed 21-01-2010 World Atlas, Date Accessed 14-12-2009 The World Bank, Middle East North Africa,,,contentMDK:21634952~menuPK:4708988~pagePK:210058~piPK:210062~theSitePK:4602123,00.html Date accessed 16-12-2009 ORiordan, T. 2000: Environmental Science for Environmental Management, Essex, Chapter Seven Climate Change, 178 182 Catherine Gautier, 2008, Oil, Water and Climate, Cambridge University Press, p4-34, 81-137, 168-221 Bates, B.C., Z.W. Kundzewicz, S. Wu and J.P. Palutikof, Eds., 2008: Climate Change and Water. Technical Paper of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC Secretariat, Geneva, 210 pp., p15-16,20, 29-30, 40 Date accessed 27-12-2009 United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service, IRAQ: Drought Reduces 2008/09 Winter Grain Production, May 9th 2008, Date accessed 27-12-2009 Implications of Higher Global Food Prices for Poverty in Low-Income Countries , Maros Ivanic, Will Martin , April 2008 , Date accessed 16-12-2009 Rising Temperatures, Rising Tensions, Climate change and the risk of violent conflict in the Middle East, Oli Brown and Alec Crawford, Date accessed 27-12-2009 The New Water Politics of the Middle East, Ilan Berman and Paul Michael Wihbey, Date accessed 27-12-2009 Earth Fissuring and Land Subsidence in Western Saudi Arabia, KHALID A. BANKHER and ABBAS A. AL-HARTHI, Date accessed 14-01-2010 Gazas Water Supply Near Collapse, Mel Frykberg, Date accessed 14-01-2010 Aquifers in the Middle East Region, Shaminder Puri Ralf Klingbeil,templateId=raw,property=publicationFile.pdf/pbgw_puri.pdf Date accessed 14-01-2010 Climate of SaudiArabia, December 1992, Date accessed 14-01-2010 Date accessed 27-12-2009 BBC, Date accessed 14-01-2010 Turkeys Climate Regions, Date accessed 14-01-2010 Changes in Temperature and Precipitation Extremes in the IPCC Ensemble of Global Coupled Model Simulations, VIATCHESLAV V. KHARIN, FRANCIS W. ZWIERS, XUEBIN ZHANG, GABRIELE C. HEGERL, Date accessed 14-01-2010 Effect of extreme rainfall events on the water resources of the Jordan River, Rana Samuels, Alon Rimmer, Pinhas Alpert, July 2009, Date accessed 18-01-2010 Technical Paper :Climate Change and Water, Date accessed 14-01-2010 Indices of precipitation extremes in Southern Portugal a geostatistical approach, R. Durao, M. J.Pereira1, A. C.Costa, J. M.Cˆorte-Real, and A. Soares, February 2009, Date accessed 17-01-2010 Impacts of annual precipitation extremes on soil and nutrient losses in vineyards of NE Spain, M. C. Ramos and J. A. Mart ´Ã„ ±nez-Casasnovas, Accepted 15 July 2008, Date accessed 21-01-2010 Evaluation of eutrophication control strategies for the Keban Dam Reservoir, S. Soyupak a, L. Mukhallalati, D. Yemi §en, A. Bayar, C. Yurteri, August 1996, Date accessed 17-01-2010 Oil spills effects on the environment,, Date accessed 17-01-2010 Date accessed 21-01-2010 The Impact of Sea Level Rise on Developing Countries: A Comparative Analysis, Susmita Dasgupta, Benoit Laplante, Craig Meisner, David Wheeler and Jianping Yan, February 2007, Date accessed 18-01-2010 QATAR, INTRODUCTION, Abdul Aziz Al-Midfa and Robert Nation, Date accessed 17-01-2010 Finding Corals Ideal Environment, Date accessed 18-01-2010 Top World Oil Producers, Exporters, Consumers, and Importers, 2006, Date accessed 16-12-2009 Central Intelligence Agency, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, November 2009, Date accessed 13-01-2010 Economics Basics: Demand and Supply, Date accessed 13-01-2010 BBC ,Ben Thompson, Date accessed 13-01-2010, Industrial diversification lifts off in Saudi Arabia, Date accessed 13-01-2010 Rates are Highest in the Middle East Date accessed 21-01-2010 Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Middle East, Date accessed 18-01-2010 UPDATE ON TOURISM STATISTICS,$file/Facts%20%20figures%202007.pdf Date accessed 21-01-2010 iddle Eastern Tourism Analysis, 01 May 2007, Date accessed 21-01-2010

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The Value of Information :: Technology Information Essays Papers

The Value of Information In the world today, information is an important aspect in almost every part of our life. From what time the movie we want to see begins to whether we should buy stock in Dell or IBM, we depend on accurate information. Is this kind of information a commodity? The dictionary defines a commodity as something valuable or useful (Webster 1993). Presently, information is a commodity because people are willing to pay high prices for information in order to make better decisions. In this paper, I will give many examples of how information acts as a commodity. I will also show how information acts as a commodity in other areas than just technology and business. The kind of information I will explore is the knowledge of a specific news or event derived from study, experience or instruction(Webster 1993). This type of information is not something everyone can have access to. This information can separate the successful companies from the one ¹s struggling to survive. This information is valuable, and can be bought, sold traded and even stolen. It can be the most important asset a company owns. One aspect where information acts as something valuable is in the area of sports. The National Football League is a billion dollar business. The careers of coaches, players and general managers can rest on one play or one game. To minimize mistakes or to find any advantage, teams spend millions of dollars to pay scouts to provide useful information. One part of putting together a winning team is doing well on draft day. Teams do a tremendous amount of research on every player who is eligible to be drafted. The NFL has its own private investigation firm. It is called NFL Security, and it is rarely seen or discussed. Its job is to compile information about every possible draftee. If players smoke marijuana at Saturday-night parties, it's probably in their files. If players stay in bars past 2 A.M., it's probably in their files (Sports Illustrated p.34). The purpose of NFL Security is to prevent a team from investing millions of dollars in a player who might have drug or other problems that could prevent a player from performing up to a certain standard. "For the amount of money involved here, the employers would like to know good hard facts about their potential players. Employers deserve that. And we're going to give it to them," says Mike Ahlerich, an employee at NFL Securities (Sports Illustrated p.

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Health - The Controversial Topic of Food Allergies :: Health Nutrition Diet Exercise Essays

The Controversial Topic of Food Allergies Food allergies are the most controversial allergy-related topic right now. It's controversial because of several facts like: * many kinds of bad reactions to foods have nothing to do with allergies * * foods are often for symptoms that result from each other * * children often out grow sensitivities to foods * * even if you're allergic to certain foods, you might be able to eat small amounts of the food without any reaction * Some of the most common foods that cause symptoms like severe stomach pain, diarrhea, hives, swellings, wheezing, vomiting, hayfever symptoms, excema and wheezing are nuts, chocolate, strawberries, milk, wheat and corn. There is one term in particular that can be used to clear up some confusion about various kinds of reactions called food allergies. That term is called "food intolerance" and it applies to abnormal reactions to foods regardless of the cause. Food intolerance may cause the release of amines (histamine, dopamine, etc.) from cells. Amines are found in food and can affect many body functions like the size of the blood vessels, blood pressure control, heart rate, brain activity, and nerve function. Histamine is the most common mediator. It also is a compound that causes allergic responses. Foods high in histamine are red wine, sauerkraut, strawberries, some cheeses and alcoholic beverages. Dopomine comes from fava beans and octopamine comes from some citrus fruits. Beta-phenylethylamine comes from chocolate. If your body is depleted or has an overabundant amount of amines you might have neurological or psychological problems. There are many allergic reactions that come with food allergies. The main one is called anaphylaxis. This fatal reaction is a violent allergic reaction that occurs thought the body causing nausea, vomiting, swelling, chest pain, choking and collapse. "Another painful allergic reaction is called Celiac Disease. This reaction is caused by a chronic adverse reaction to gluten, a protein found in grain, wheat and corn. Children who have this disease, are sickly, have chronic diarrhea and fail to grow properly until all gluten containing products are taken out of the child's diet" (Edelson, 49). You probably didn't even consider food additives as being something that would cause an allergic reaction. Well this food additive named Tartrazine, better known as FD&C (Food, Drug & Cosmetic) No. 5 has been suspected of creating asthmatic attacks & chronic hives. Tartrazine sensitivity is also linked to aspirin sensitivity.