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Analysis Of Stephen A. Brighton s Article - 913 Words

Purpose: Stephen A. Brighton’s article is primarily a portrayal of the steps that today’s archeologists are working to implement. According to the article, it is explained how archeology have changed horizons compared to previous years. The case discussed in this article focuses on the fact that in order for archeology to have greater impact in communities and in general, it should deviate a bit from its merely scholar course to a more socially- oriented pathway, ruled by community collaboration and committed service to the underserved members of the community. It states that former ways of archeology were not particularly focused on social that is why occasionally the most oppressed members of the society were excluded and deprived of their rights. This flaw is now being improved. Therefore, this article is aimed to expose the way modern archeology works to empower the people to stand for their heritage and fight for social justice in spite of political policies without neglect ing the ethical guidelines of the profession. Population of Study: Brighton’s article explores the field of study of public archeology on the area of the Town of Texas in the region of Baltimore County in Maryland. The project focuses on a specific ethnic group: the earliest settlers of the area who were mainly emigrants from Ireland that populated the area from the last half of the 19th century to the 20th century. The Irish population migrated as a result of land tenure difficulties and lack ofShow MoreRelatedThe Cost of Dental Health Care Essay2281 Words   |  10 Pagesback to bite you in the form of a root canal or other uncomfortable (and expensive) procedure. That could be one reason that dental offices top the list of businesses that were profitable over the last 12 months, as shown in data from the financial analysis firm Sage works †{{63 Korkki,Phyllis 2009}}. While conducting this research I have found opportunities and threats that were in this industry from a starting up prospective. The opportunities that I had noticed are to produce dental implants sinceRead MoreMarketing4800 Words   |  20 PagesBritish Home Stores Marketing Plan Word count – Lecturer – Paul Green, Greame Stephen 1204936 1205015 1205798 1207079 1202969 Executive Summary British Home Stores is a UK based department store privately owned by the Arcadia Group since 2009, targeting to the family market selling clothing and home ware items throughout the UK and internationally. As marketing consultants of BHS we have advised and develop a marketing plan proposal to re-establish the brand as a British family favouriteRead MoreAudit Disaster Futures: Antidotes for the Expectation Gap8505 Words   |  35 PagesManagerial Auditing Journal Emerald Article: Audit disaster futures: antidotes for the expectation gap? Fran M. Wolf, James A. Tackett, Gregory A. Claypool Article information: To cite this document: Fran M. Wolf, James A. Tackett, Gregory A. Claypool, (1999),Audit disaster futures: antidotes for the expectation gap?, Managerial Auditing Journal, Vol. 14 Iss: 9 pp. 468 - 478 Permanent link to this document: Downloaded on: 04-12-2012 References: ThisRead MoreLeadership Development42674 Words   |  171 Pagesdiscussions in the network group and comments by its individual members as the review has progressed. The members not already mentioned are: Kamal Birdi, Richard Bolden, Johnathan Gosling, Jim Hillage, Matias Ramirez, Penny Tamkin, Marc Thompson, Stephen Watson and Stephen Wood. 2 1: Executive Summary........................................................................................1 2: Introduction ...............................................................................................Read MoreHerbert Spencer Essay13142 Words   |  53 Pagesevolution and spoke of society as an individual organism. A System of Evolution The concept of organic evolution was elaborated fully for the first time in his famous essay The Developmental Hypothesis, published in the Leader in 1852. In a series of articles and writings Spencer gradually refined his concept of organic and inorganic evolution and popularized the term itself. Particularly in Progress: Its Law and Cause, an essay published in 1857, he extended the idea of evolutionary progress to humanRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesserious. It is so easy for students (and indeed others who should know better) to trivialize this very problematic and challenging subject. This is not the case with the present book. This is a book that deserves to achieve a wide readership. Professor Stephen Ackroyd, Lancaster University, UK This new textbook usefully situates organization theory within the scholarly debates on modernism and postmodernism, and provides an advanced introduction to the heterogeneous study of organizations, including chapte rsRead MoreDescribe How to Establish Respectful Professional Relationships with Adults52870 Words   |  212 Pages......... 114 Appendix II THE FUNDING BODIES Appendix 111 116 MEETINGS ............................................. Appendix IV THE JCT AND THE CCSJC ....................................... 120 Appendix V NOTE BY THE CIC: AN ANALYSIS OF ACTION IN RELATION TO THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE â€Å"CROSSING BOUNDARIES ’ REPORT (At 15 April 1994) 1 .............................................. 123 Appendix VI TEXT OF THE ClPS PROPOSAL FOR â€Å"Construction Sourcing† ..............Read MoreIntangible Asset Accounting and Accounting Policy Selection in the Football Industry85391 Words   |  342 Pagesthe Professional Footballers Association, The Football Trust, the Deloitte Touche Football Industry Team and the football clubs themselves for the provision of information; Timothy Isherwood for data collection, James Cessford, Douglas Leonard, Stephen Thorpe, Alexander Burfitt, Matthew Brough, Ms Blurton, and my family for support, help and inspiration. CONTENTS Chapter Introduction 1 The Nature and Treatment of Intangible Assets 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 The Nature of Intangible Assets The ImportanceRead MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 PagesThe nature of this book dictates a heavy reliance on documentary analysis. My focus is interpretation not ethnography. Therefore, I have not sought to generate primary data on the movement but to analyze and re-analyze the growing body of scholarly and popular literature on the movement, including sociological and anthropological studies, biographies, monographs, dissertations, published and unpublished essays, and periodical articles. Archival sources, such as newspaper reports, policy statements

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Discuss China in Terms of Being the Middle Kingdom, ...

WORLD GEOGRAPHY Discuss China in terms of being the â€Å"Middle Kingdom,† population growth issues, and industrialization. The term Zhongguo, when translated from Mandarin to English means Middle Kingdom or the Center of the Universe. Zhongguo in ancient Chinese history was once believed to be the center of civilization. Dating back from 1000 BC the Chinese were of the view that they were indeed the center of the whole world. The Chou people who occupied the Middle Kingdom during this time were oblivious of the civilizations to the West. Because of the mindset of these people in the Center of The Universe, the introduction of Industrialization shatter these beliefs that they held firm. Industrialization in China was delayed. One can†¦show more content†¦The Great Leap was a disaster, which brought about millions of death and more. This was due to abandonment of farmers tending to their farms, coupled with the drought-based famine that the country was experiencing. Economic Regression and negative growth was noticed, the death rate rose higher than the birth rate and the population experienced five years of natural decrease. Between 1962 and 1980 the catastrophe of he Great Leap Forward was follow by a baby boom in the mid 1960 and the economy was on its way to recovery. Around the 1970’s after noticing that the growing population threated to outgrow the available resources, politicians sought to bring about a decrease in family size, thus bringing about the One Child Policy. Between 1980 and 1990 with the success of the rigid one child policy, birthrates still were on a decrease, but there was a minimal rise in 1984. Today in China, the overall life expectancy has sky rocketed, fertility has declined to the point of concern and the population is rapidly aging. It is very likely that there is a strong possibility that the government will soon have to consider a three child policy, given that in recent times a two child policy have been offered in many districts to avoid the issues and aging population can have. Throughout all that China has endured in the past, it still continues to be a nation to be reckoned with.

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Thesis story Free Essays

Being smart on handling one’s money is one of the fundamental ways how to become rich. The fact that money, no matter how much it is, can flee from our hands even in just mere seconds is a thing to keep in mind. So we should learn how to save and invest our money in a trust-worthy institution with good facility with a service admirable in regards to its quality. We will write a custom essay sample on Thesis story or any similar topic only for you Order Now Banking is indispensable in the modern world as it connects savers and borrowers. If you are a â€Å"saver†, where would you save your treasures efficiently? Saving it on a chest or a vault is bold stupidity. Banks pay you interest because they loan your money to those who have ideas to use it. This is where â€Å"borrowers† enter. Banks do charge them interest but they will have money for innovative business ideas, providing jobs for people, and stimulating the economy. If you are a consumer, you can use banknotes as a medium of exchange. Remember, without banks, there would be no money for The Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP) is a bank as well who produces money for the nation. Banks are  financial institution  and a  financial intermediary  that accepts  deposits  and channels those deposits into  lending  activities, either directly by loaning or indirectly through  capital markets. A bank is the connection between customers that have capital deficits and customers with capital surpluses. In other words, it is the middleman to those who are in need and to those who can give. There are two forms of banking institutions. A banking institution can either be a Government or Private banking Institution. The difference between the two is A Government bank is a bank where the Government has a minimum 51% or more stakes in that bank. A Private bank is a bank where the Government does not have any stake. But, both types of banks have to follow the same laws applicable to them. In either way, a bank no matter what form it is, will always make sure that our savings earn interests and make the money they have in their hands rotate on the economy to provide financial growth. Statement of the Problem This study aims to assess the pproduactivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction of selected banking institution in Metro Manila. Specifically, it answered the following questions: 1. 0 What is the profile of the participants in terms of the following variable; 2. 1 Name of the bank 2. 2 Campaign Advertisement 2. 3 Vision 2. 4 Mission 2. 5 Foundation 2. 6 Number of Branches 2. 7 Subsidiaries and Affiliates 2. 8 Number of Employees 2. 0 What are the things involve in the production of each respondents in terms of: 2. 1 Organizational Chart 2. 2 Management Plans and Principles 2. 3 Product and Services 3. 0 What is the status of the respondents with regards to the profitability of the institution under two conditions: 3. 1 Financial Statement Prior Year . 2 Financial Statement Current Year 4. 0 What is the standing of satisfaction of customers in the respondents’ way of production in terms of: 4. 1 Security of the customers’ deposits 4. 2 Interest return offered 4. 3 Effectiveness of respondents’ products and services 4. 4 Service Comfortability 4. 5 Affordability of Interest payable in loans 5. 0 Is there any significant relationship between profitability, pproduactivity, and customer satisfaction when the respondents are group according to their profile? Hypothesis There’s not much of any difference between the operations of a government and a privately owned bank. The factors that affect the iinvestors to choose are the offers, location, and services. Significance of the Study The purpose of this study is to provide information and answer the stated problems to help those who are in need if they will be investing. Through this study the future readers may find out what are the factors to consider when putting their investment in the line. This study conducted can be help in any of the readers: Iinvestors / Potential Iinvestors – To identify and be aware how to invest their money and feel safe and lessen the risk about the decisions they will make. Job Seekers – be able to know where to file their application and put their talents and skills in full potential. Future Seekers – This study will serve as guide for future researchers who will conduct a study with about this topic. Further research should be made regarding this topic. Scope and Limitation of the Study This study was conducted to know the status of pproduactivity, profitability and customer satisfaction of selected banking institution in Metro Manila. The researchers focused on three banking institution which are MetroBank of Metropolitan Bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands and Landbank of the Philippines. How to cite Thesis story, Papers

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Metamorphosis and Death in Venice Essay Example For Students

Metamorphosis and Death in Venice Essay In both Metamorphosis and Death in Venice the authors develop the particular theme of illness by creating two characters whose mental and physical traits continuously change. These metamorphoses allow the protagonists to reveal their true nature and personalities, break through all forms of repression, and reach a self-maturity. Apart from indicating the emotional and mental states of the characters, their illnesses have the purpose of freeing them from what could be defined as a mental prison. The illnesses depicted by Kafka and Mann are very similar for they are both consequences of a long period of constraint for the two protagonists, Gregor and Aschenbach. Gregors repression is determined by two main factors: societys continuous taking advantage of him and his excessive need to satisfy everyone (including his family) except for himself. This can be seen especially when he is described by the author as a mere tool of the chief, spineless and stupid (pg78). Aschenbach, on the contrary, represses his true character and is a slave of conventions and traditions. This aspect is very noticeable in his actions: a sudden pang of delicacy or scandalization, something between respect and shame, caused Aschenbach to turn away as though he had seen nothing, for it goes against the grain of any mature person to exploit, even for private consumption, an accidentally observed moment of passion (pg 170). In this quote one can see how Aschenbach, as Gregor, actually represents the North European bourgeois culture of the early 1900s: repressed. As a consequence, both characters accumulate tension, which they release later on in the plot during their changes. The Websters Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary defines illness as an unhealthy condition of body or mind. The two protagonists created in these novellas are both at extremes, therefore, they are in no way balanced and can be seen as mentally unhealthy. Mental illness is often referred to as when there is no proper equilibrium between logic and emotion. Due to the fact that these characters have always lived at extremes, at the end of the novels they are not able to change moderately; on the contrary, they change drastically and therefore become slightly mad. Thomas Mann describes living at extremes as very dangerous for one can become slave of either part. Although the protagonists repress different aspects of their personality, there seems to be one that is salient in both: rebellion against society and its conventions. In Metamorphosis and Death in Venice, the strength and power of society is continuously emphasized, for it is the main fear of both Aschenbach and Gregor who no longer want to fight it. In Kafkas novella each character represents a different trait of society. In both Manns and Kafkas works, there are various realms of illness that can be linked to each other. The characters, in fact, both start with an emotional or mental disturbance and then pass onto a negative physical mutation. During the early 1900s and late 1800s scientists and psychoanalysts such as Freud elaborated theories explaining that the physical appearance acted as a mirror on our inner state and therefore was affected by our emotional and mental state. Kafka, born during this period of time, chooses to use this theory and transform his character into a bug: Gregor had always seen himself as one and therefore mentally and physically becomes one. This is why when the character wakes up, he doesnt realize that he is no longer a man and continues to use the logic of a human being: the first thing he meant to do was to get up in peace and quiet, get dressed, and most important of all have breakfast; only then would he think about the next steps, for it was clear to him that he would come to no sensible conclusions by meditating in bed (pg 79). It seems, according to the details given in the text, that Gregors mental problems all derive from a clear lack of attention and love, consequence of the presence of an obstinate military father and weak mother who never disagrees with her husband. Aschenbach, on the other hand, begins repressing part of his personality and results in an outburst of transgression. The protagonist passes from