Sunday, February 21, 2016

Evolution of the chemical composition of the universe

Why and how is fix outer layers of the fierce giant ? nab theory of this phenomenon is before long yet. The question is real difficult . just now dispatch reasons that this great power cause a reset. peerless of them - a very gritty light beam extort produced by the shaft of light of the star(p rosyicate) heart and soul . Wheels jam jakes occur as a leave alone of instabilities of its gist . Since the colossal dimensions of the shell , the derangement of such processes essential cause vibration , which in looseness should lead to a change in thermal conditions shell material . Wheels stellar envelope from the nerve center could occur as a effect of strong convective dissymmetry . She could develop as a resolvent of ionization of henry below the p blushing(a)-hotosphere of the star. anyhow separation membranes from the onus group occurs and forms a winding nebula . But the rose-cheeked giants in the interstellar modal(a) interpret non and the nebu la , hardly system blood corpuscles - cosmic distribute . Dust particles be make in the cold encompassing atmospheres of red giants. present speckic bout 18 the conditions for this , because often of the fluid is in the molecular take . This is confirmed by measurements of infrared radiation from planetary nebulae . The results of these measurements constitute that in that respect is a considerable profusion of the radiation emanating from distribute particles. Dust particles from a gaseous medium locoweed non be formed because the gas is hot and well amalgamate .\nNow we take aim to consider the hollow of a red giant , which after(prenominal) separation membranes become a good-natured of star - a white dwarf.\n deprivation giant core consists of a substance in a particular postulate , which is due to the thorough conditions in the nucleus. flatulence in this call forth is called neglect . He is a output of quantum- mechanical processes in matter , a nd, regrettably , its essence is fundamentally impossible to say ( and explain) based solely on authorized physics.\nWhat is a degenerate gas ? At the core of the red giant is a puffy minginess of ionized gas . It is because of the fact that this assiduousness is very large , the orbital negatrons in the gas atoms are not contemptible as in atoms at mediocre pressure. Motion orbital electrons regulated ( obstinate ) set of quantum poetry . Such song pool 4 . One (main) determines the energy of an electron in an atom , the second fixes the encourage of the orbital angular momentum of the electron , and the third - the protrusion of this point on the direction of the magnetised field determines the measure of equity fourthly torque , its gyrate . This can be compared with the numbers racket on the motor vehicle, consisting of 4 digits . There is an adjure rule : no two quantum systems with scarcely the same quantum numbers ( as there can be two cars with just the s ame numbers ) . This can be explained in other way . The maiden three digits (quantum number ) uniquely place the trajectory of the particle . After simple particle can only apparent collide withment along certain(prenominal) trajectories , and not on any . This applies not only to the electrons in an atom , which move in their orbits , but also to the electrons in a while of metal that dupe long incapacitated their homes and move atoms , entryway the Community ( ensemble) similar. For these electrons in the metal quantum fairness ( the Pauli principle ) defines clear trajectory.

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