Sunday, July 28, 2019

Critical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 18

Critical Thinking - Essay Example Much of the corporate wealth in the region is in government hands. Earlier this year, the company won the auction for former GE Plastics with $11 billion, and it has significantly expanded its U.S. operations. In addition to that, it has acquired the U.K.’s Huntsman Petrochemicals Company last year. The company is currently investing about $20 billion annually in expanding capacity (Al†Salamah & Wilson, 2001). I chose SABIC because it has values that include inspiring employees by empowering them with clear and shared comprehension of the ethical boundaries that they must operate. More so, Engage diverse workforce by ensuring that they maintain respectful and welcoming work environment. In addition, it helps create a sustainable compliance with integrity framework. That is, it will support innovation in products in a highly regulated world. Thus, finally delivering growth by earning the trust of employees, customer and business collaborates and ensure that they always conduct business with a lot of integrity (Jasinska-Walc et al., 2015). One can describe the advantages of SABIC basing on the geographical environment. In addition to that, the countries’ regulatory framework of government in which SABIC operates their business, the political set up of the countries that SABIC have their manufacturing plants. Moreover, the taxation rules, regulations and policies of the countries, and finally the production and transportation costs. Cultural issues: cultures of different countries vary and can bring impact on the company accordingly. There are Promotional messages sent to the consumers who are responsible for the purchase decision, also the marketing message highly depends on cultural background of the user. Therefore, cultural awareness is essential when designing marketing strategies for the global markets. The views of the user are always in consideration (Jasinska-Walc et al., 2015). SABIC has used marketing strategies of the firms to learn more

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