Thursday, July 18, 2019

Success: Goals

My Road to Success GEN/200 Irene Blundell My Road to Success Even though my road will be mentally and emotionally exhausting, I will need to obtain and maintain self-determination; to reach my goals in life. I never want to lose sight of the goals I have set before myself. I will become an example for this generation and many more ahead as long as I stay motivated to my goals. I will prove to my family that if they apply the right knowledge, anything is possible. I have to sacrifice to benefit my future for the reason that my future will be filled with wealth, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment.Continuing to receive the positive outlook I receive from many situations in life. Every day is one step closer to my goals as long as I stay focused. Self-determination is the key to reach goals in my life. Self-determination is to become accountable to my actions, thought, and words. Always developing an understanding of what my life experience have led me. My success is not focusing o n my situations at hand but the main goal ahead. I understood when I wrote my goals there would be sacrifices that I would need to face.Some people give excuses because they want to settle or scared to achieve greatness just because of how they think of themselves. People do not understand how much life has to offer. If they only humble there to mind and realize there is a bigger road than the dip in the road. Through my struggles in life, I had to humble myself and receive the positive outlook from the situations. I do not expect success to be easy, but continuing to be strong in my beliefs and not giving up and staying focused ahead is an award in itself. It would have been easy for me to give up, but I was driven on my goals I have set for my life.I never seen success to follow but I took advantage of the successful people that who were planted in my life to encourage me and teach me along this road. The past is an unchanging, but as long as I understand that I can change my tomo rrow, my life will become remarkable. The only way we move forward is to learn from the past and let it go. Some people spend more time living in the past and jeopardize an amazing future (Maxwell, 2003). After years of turmoil, I understood that forgiveness is the main factor a successful life. Maintaining self-discipline in college is vital to success.In college, I need to have good time management, budget, and become accountable for my actions. This degree plan I will obtain will set me up on an excellent career plan. I will not settle for getting by, but doing my best and settling college goals. I am the only one in my generation to finish high school and attend college, but not the last. Through all my hard work and dedication I will be able to pass down a legacy. I will pass down the knowledge that will help my family to achieve goals. For that every action that I do, not only reflect on me, but also my family.My family will reach the top together and not hold one another on a pedestal. No one wants to reach the top alone but acquiring amazing people to share it with along the road. Being someone’s biggest supporter can mean more that I considered. I think twice before I speak because my words influence people. I can either sow a seed of success or failure. It will benefit me in life if I decide to speak of success; because what a man sows he shall will reap I have been truly blessed with the successful people in my life that guided me onto the right path.They took time out of their life to impact mine, now I will impact others. Goals not written out are just wishes. Writing out my goals was hard to understand in the beginning. I had to set my goals high enough to inspire me but low enough to keep me encouraged. Writing my goals for my life was a slow but steady process but familiarized myself with this benefit. I always write my goal out and look at them every day just to reassure myself that success is just a decision away. Throughout My Road I put my goals in two groups. First, I set my Long-term goal with patience and research.Second, I make short-term goals to complete as long as it lines up with my main goal. I have accomplished goals in the past and understand the benefits of self-accomplishment. The reward I receive by achieving my goals is why I strive to keep pushing forward. Understanding that choices I make in life whether good or bad have an effect on the road of life. Throughout My road I have seen a great deal of people around me fail or give up. I took what I saw and applied it as positive tools for my lifestyle. I became strong because I never believed I was defeated or victimized of my situation .I decided not to keep that vicious family failure continuing in my own life was the stepping stone. When I realized that there was more to life than what my negative people in my life. I knew that the sky is the limit. I had an abundance of help from people who came into my life not because they had to but because they wanted to. My mentors were not going to let me be another statistic and gave me a chance to realize my potential. Every person in this world has potential they just need to accept the blessing and realize what is inside them.Although this road will be mentally and emotionally exhausting, I have made a decision to maintain self determination to reach my goals in life, for two main reasons. First, to be a great example for my family, I want them to understand what I was taught but that it is not where I came from but where I am headed (Fitzgerald, 2003). My family will understand that I apply the right knowledge in my life for that ,anything is possible. Serving in the military taught me about having self-discipline and Appling it to my life. I am glad I came into college with self-discipline and motivation I received in training.Every Situation I am in I receive the positive knowledge and apply it to my life. Most important is striving for my goals. I never want to lack motivati on or lose sight of what I am striving for. I will have self-discipline in my life to stay focus and motivate to achieve my goals. If I continue to strive, my future will be filled with wealth, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment. References Fitzgerald, E. (2003). First Lady of Song. Retrieved from http://www. ellafitzgerald. com Maxwell, J. C. (2003). Attitude 101. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Inc..

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