Thursday, July 25, 2019

Recycled Aggregates lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Recycled Aggregates - Lab Report Example This may happen at normal temperatures. The artificial and natural pozzolan material is used as supplementary materials of cementations. In any cases, the artificial pozzolan could be made in a deliberate manner through the thermal activation of the clays kaolin to give the metalaolin. In other cases, the material can be obtained as a byproduct from the processes of high temperature like the fly ashes given out by the production of the coal fire electricity. The industrial by-products like the metakaolin, burned residues of organic matter like rice husk, fly ash, and fume silica obtained from smelting of silicon are commonly used pozzolans. The use of these pozzalans is reported to be well established in different countries (Smith 15). Supplying high quality by products of pozzolan has limitation since many local sources have been fully exploited. Different alternatives to the pozzolanic by product should be realized to expand the range of the byproducts of the industry and to increa se the usage of the pozzolans. In some locations, the natural pozzolan may be found in abundance. This material is used as a Portland cement addition in countries like Germany. A significant portion of the natural pozzolan used in many countries has a volcanic origin. The pumices, volcanic ashes, are mostly used since they are deposits having altered volcanic glass. The volcanic glass is changed to zeolites through interacting with alkaline liquid like water. The sedimentary deposits are not common. On the other hand, the recycled aggregates are reused construction or industrial by-products, which were once considered as wastes or rather damped. The aggregates are obtained from the material processing that was previously used in the construction. The material is produced through screening, and crushing the previously used concrete structures and concrete. In other cases, the asphalt may be crushed to obtain the aggregate. In many cases, the reclaimed aggregates may be

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