Friday, July 19, 2019

Marijuana Legalized: How It Can Positively Effect Our Society Essay

The dispute over the legalization of cannabis sativa, more commonly known as marijuana, is one of the most controversial issues ever to take place in the United States. Its use as a medicine has existed for thousands of years in many countries across the globe. Legalization should be considered despite efforts made by groups who say marijuana is a harmful drug that will increase crime rates and lead users to other more dangerous substances. The legalization of marijuana can improve our society by helping with our economy, freeing legal resources, and benefiting the overall health of the nation though medical uses. Helping the Economy Our economy in America is hurting right now. We need something to help boost it and bring our country out of debt. Taxation on legalized marijuana could help aid in this goal. Assuming the taxes are comparable to tobacco, a $40 billion marijuana market would yield about $16-20 billion in taxes (Nelson, 2010, para. 24). There are worries that the black market will undercut the legitimate sales of marijuana, which might be very true, the same thing has happened with tobacco. Having the security of knowing where the marijuana is coming from and that it was grown without harmful chemicals, altered by a third party, and knowing it is a quality product is a deterrent to black market purchases. Marijuana would also still be illegal to purchase from the black market. If marijuana were legalized it would open up a whole new commerce in industrial hemp farming and the products that are made from it. The products that can be made from hemp number over 25,000 (Hemp Facts, 1997). A few of those products include paper, clothing, rope, fuel, and building materials. Hemp can be cultivated once or in som... ...chool to buy marijuana that it is alcohol because alcohol is controlled and age restricted. Since 2001 marijuana use in high school students has gone down (Marijuana - InfoFacts – NIDA, 2010). If marijuana is controlled the same way I believe that its use will only reduce further. People should make their own decision if they want to smoke marijuana. They deserve the right to exercise their own freedom of choice when considering using marijuana. It should be taxed and regulated to help our country’s economy and it will open up a whole new industry for hemp products. Legalization will help free up money and resources to focus on more serious crimes. Its medicinal properties help people with various types of illnesses and pain from injuries. Further research and studies will only open up more uses for cannabis. Its benefits far outweigh its negative effects.

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